Bitcoin price chart analysis

Bitcoin suffered a volatile start to the new trading month. Bearish news that surround the crypto exchange BitMEX and President Trump contracting Covid-19 weighed intensely on the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin price chart analysis demonstrates that a breakout from $10,000 to $10,900 is needed to stibitcoin photomulate an important directional.

Bitcoin medium-term price trend Bitcoin suffered yet another technical setback last week, as recent bad news caused a sharp reversal coming from the $10,900 degree.

Just before the pullback, implied volatility towards Bitcoin happens to be at the lowest levels of its in over eighteen months.

Bitcoin price complex analysis shows that the cryptocurrency is actually functioning within a triangle pattern.

Bitcoin price chart analysis

The day time frame indicates that the triangle is situated in between the $10,900 as well as $10,280 complex level.

A breakout in the triangle pattern is actually likely to prompt the next major directional move in the BTC/USD pair.

Traders should be aware that the $11,100, $11,400 as well as $11,700 levels are the principle upside opposition zones, although the $10,000, $9,800, as well as $9,600 aspects offer the foremost technical support.

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Bitcoin short-term price pattern Bitcoin cost complex analysis shows that short term bulls remain in control as the cost trades above $10,550.

The four-hour time frame plays up that a bearish head-and-shoulders pattern remains valid even though the price trades below the $11,200 degree.

Bitcoin price chart analysis

According to the size of your head-and-shoulders pattern, the BTC/USD pair might fall towards the $9,000 area.

Beware of the drawback to accelerate whether the cost moves below neckline support, around the $9,900 level.

It is noteworthy that a pause above $11,200 will probably start a significant counter-rally.

Bitcoin specialized summary Bitcoin complex analysis highlights that a breakout from a large triangle pattern ought to encourage the other major directional move.

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